Facial Oil Formulation

(Online Course)

Discover the secret to making the very best facial oils & oil serums!

Spoiler alert: the secret is in your ingredients. In this course, you'll learn how to get the very best results with the right high-quality botanical oils so that you can create exceptional, innovative formulas for your skincare line, your clients and your personal skincare routine. 

Lipids Decoded

(Online Course)

Advanced course in lipid oil chemistry for skincare and formulating

This course is designed for those who are on a path to professional formulating whether for clients or for a skincare line. 

Lipids Decoded is a course on the chemistry of lipid oils and butters for those with no to minimal background in chemistry. 

Academy Inner Circle


A mentorship program in successful lipid formulating  

Monthly live calls and masterclasses, dedicated forum, lessons, tools, classes, monographs, research and formulating with lipid oils and plant butters. 

I love the membership; it's like my personal oil encyclopedia!

NAUDIA LORRAINE - member & Student

Susan's abundant knowledge and evident love of oils should be acknowledged and aspirational to prospective students. The program was terrific, and I'm constantly going back to it to reference something.

I also love the membership; it's like my personal oil encyclopedia!

Success with Carrier Oils

(Online Course)

Be 100% confident you are using the most potent and effective carrier oils

Whether you're creating an oil serum, infusing skin healing herbs for future formulas, or making therapeutic aromatherapy blends, Success with Carrier Oils gives you the core lessons you need for successfully working with plant oils. 

Carrier oils have now opened a whole new world to me and given me a greater understanding of blending.

BEVERLEY HIGHAM - carrier oil course student

Susan has given me my greatest insight into the carrier oils and the many benefits and effects they can bring. I have thoroughly enjoyed this new knowledge and gained great inspiration from the course, her book and fellow students on the group. 

I highly recommend this course to any one who enjoys working with natural ingredients. Carrier oils have now opened a whole new world to me and given me a greater understanding of blending.

Oils Only Recipes & Methods

(Online course)

Turn your favorite ingredients into custom recipes & formulas

Make luxurious whipped body butters, formulate anti-inflammatory massage oils and create your own recipes for herbal salves, balms and body oils. The tools you need to transform your favorite oils, butters, herbal infusions and botanical waxes into high-quality skincare formulations.

Formulating with Dry Oils

(Online course)

Astringent, toning formulation with dry oils and butters

Discover the key to formulating effective, non-oily feeling skincare formulas that absorb quickly while delivering specific skin repairing properties. By working with the natural astringency of dry oils, you can make facial oils, oil serums, body oils and base oil blends that leave the skin toned, nourished and protected without a heavy oily feeling.

Oils for Winter Skincare


Formulating with nourishing oils and butters for cold, harsh weather.

Learn how to formulate rich, protective and skin nourishing face and body care. This focused short course gives you specific lessons on the science of the skin and how it takes up oils, groups and types of oils that are good for winter skincare and lessons and ideas for formulating and creating your own skincare.