Courses & Programs

Success with Carrier Oils

Success with Carrier Oils is for students new to working with carrier oils. This concise course gives you the tools you need to get started on the right foot with carrier oils whether for aromatherapy and essential oil blends or herbal infusions and topical preparations. 

Path: Beginner to Intermediate 

For aromatherapists looking for better base oils, herbalists wanting to make more potent infusions and topical balms and for students who are just getting started working with carrier oils.

Opening: TBA

Cost: $297 USD 

Success With Carrier Oils course is everything you need to get started with carrier oils whether you are an herbalist, aromatherapist or skincare formulator. 

Facial Oil Formulation

This course focuses on building facial oils and oil serums and on the unsaponifiables portion of oils, the small but potent portion of oils that contain anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals and other plant compounds. 

Path: Intermediate to Advanced 

Facial oil formulation is for students wanting to advance their knowledge of facial oil formulation whether for their own skincare line or for clients and customers. 

Opening: January 2024

Facial Oil Formulation will open again in the January 2024. To get updates on course openings make sure to join the waitlist below! 

Cost: $497 USD 

The Facial Oil Formulation course is a one time investment of $497 and there is a payment plan available as well. Your investment includes ongoing access to the Facial Oil Formulation course. 

Lipids Decoded

Lipids Decoded is a deep dive into the world of Lipid Oils, it covers all the fatty acids and goes into important topics for formulating including botanical family, geography and rare and unusual oils. 

Path: Intermediate to Advanced

This course is designed for those who are on a path to professional formulating whether for clients or for a skincare line. Lipids Decoded is a course on the chemistry of lipid oils and butters for with no to minimal background in chemistry. 

Opening: March 2024

Our next enrollment period for Lipids Decoded is coming up this fall 2023. You can get on the waitlist below to get updates. 

Cost: $997 USD 

Lipids Decoded is a one time investment of $997 and there is a payment plan available as well. Your investment includes ongoing access to Lipids Decoded. 

The Lipid Formulators Membership

Tutorials, recipes, formulating ideas, oil monographs and a dedicated community forum where you can ask questions and find inspiration. 

Whether you are developing a skincare line of your own, making products for family and friends or you simply love the oils and want to work with them for your own skincare you'll find the tools and resources you need inside.

Path: All Levels

The Membership is for students and formulators who are looking for guidance in working with carrier oils and lipid oils for skincare formulating. 

Opening: Ongoing

You can become a member anytime but the longer you wait the longer you miss out on the monthly lessons, database and live calls! Plus theres a dedicated forum where we discuss formulating, lipids and other oily topics. 

Cost: $47 Per Month USD 

The Lipid Formulators is $47 per month billed monthly or sign up for the annual membership and get 2 months free.  This gives you access to the lessons, recipes, research materials and forum for as long as you are a member.  

Oils Only: Recipes & Methods

Make salves and balms, body oils and massage oils, whipped butters and balms and more. Oils Only: Recipes & Methods is a combination of lessons in methods and preparation and ready to use recipes. 

Path: Beginner to Intermediate 

Facial oil formulation is a good place to start for students wanting to advance their knowledge of facial oil formulation. 

Opening: Ongoing

Oils Only: Recipes & Methods is open for enrollment.

Cost: $197 USD 

Oils Only: Recipes & Methods course is a one time investment of $197. Your investment includes ongoing access to the Oils Only: Recipes & Methods