Power of the Seed

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"Every seed has the capacity to make oil and carries unique properties from the parent plant. While all oils have a common structural similarity, each plant’s seed brings something special to the individual commodity. Spicy, tangy olive oil is uniquely different from rich, flavorful, and solid coconut oil. Contrast similar oil dichotomies throughout the plant kingdom, and the range, variety, qualities, and properties possible become truly astonishing.”

~from the Introduction of Power of the Seed

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Book Corrections - Triglyceride Diagram

Power of the Seed book correction, the lower diagram on page 24 of the paper version is not accurate! In the kindle version the diagram is early on in Chapter 2, Lipid Chemistry 101. The full diagram of a triglyceride is accurately portrayed below.

A better view of the diagram can be seen at its source, Indiana University website, Fat and Why it Matters. This page from the university also has other fatty acid diagrams you may find interesting.