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Formulate Skincare For Winter with 100% Natural Oils & Butters

Oils for Winter Skincare 

Discover the best oils for winter skincare! Learn how to formulate rich, protective and skin nourishing face and body care. This focused short course gives you specific lessons on the science of the skin and how it takes up oils, groups and types of oils that are good for winter skincare and lessons and ideas for formulating and creating your own skincare. 

Formulating With Oils for Winter Skincare

In winter the skin needs more nourishment and protection. This course teaches how to select the best oils and butters for winter. In the course you'll let lessons on formulating, selecting and combining oils and butters to create nourishing, protective and restorative skincare. 

8 Formulating Ideas to work from

Individual Oil and  Butters Profiles 

Lessons in the Science of Oils and the Skin

Lesson 1

Science of The Skin & Oils

  • Occlusive, vs semi occlusive vs emolient oils 
  • Science of the skin and how it responds to different oils
  • Four important types of oils to work with 
  • Benefits of working with very-long chain fatty acid oils
  •  Protective oils that do more than just coat the skin

Lesson 2

Types of Oils for Winter Skincare

  • Study individual oils, pie charts and fatty acid profiles
  • A look at the outliers, polyunsaturated oils that have protective qualities
  • The special nature of pomegranate seed oil 
  • Cupuacu butter and it's ability to attract and hold water close to the skin
  • How to work with the soft semi-saturated oils 

Lesson 3

lessons In Formulating

  • Putting it all together and creating formulas 
  • Ideas for combining oils to create your own formulas
  • 7 facial oil combinations to work from
  • Formula for a rich, absorbent body oil perfect for winter

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