Turn your favorite ingredients into custom recipes & skincare formulas!

Oils Only: Recipes & Methods 

Make Handcrafted Skincare

Inside you'll find methods & techniques for making

  • Herbal salve recipes using a range of bees and botanical waxes
  • Traditional healing salves and balms with natural waxes, oils and infusions
  • Whipped body butters and fine-tuning the process to create airy, luxurious butters
  • Delicate face and body scrubs with natural plant exfoliants
  • Salves, balms and body oils with you herbal and botanical infusions
  •  Antioxidant-rich formulas with specialty and high-value botanical oils

Develop your own recipes & formulas with hands on lessons, templates, and techniques

Core lessons 

Ingredients Guide

  • Making vegan skincare with botanical waxes 
  • Working with traditional beeswax
  • Botanical, carrier and lipid oils
  • Working with rich plant butters
  •  Lecithin in natural products
  • INCI - guide to ingredients

Core lessons

color & Antioxidants

  • Use pigmented CO2 extracts to add color and antioxidants
  • Create color and texture with clays and powdered botanicals
  • Harness the natural color found in the unsaponifiables of oils and butters
  • Develop rich pigment with natural botanical infusions

Core lessons

rich plant butters

  • Using saturated butters for salves, balms & whipped recipes
  • Using 'dry' butters to create dry feeling salves and balms
  • When and how to use butters in place of a wax
  • Creating 'melts' with saturated butters

Core Lessons

Tools & Techniques

  • Getting started: what you need
  • When and how to use butters in place of a wax
  • Techniques for creating 'melts' with saturated butters
  • Methods for for whipping oils into rich butters

Core lessons

Forms & Molds

  • Making and shaping lotion bars and solid perfume
  • Pouring off and cooling salves and balms 
  • Working with food grade silicone molds
  • Making stand-alone balms 
  • Working with natural color in oils and butters

Core lessons

Body Butters & Whipped Butters

  • Techniques for creating successful whipped butters
  • Temperature and how to prepare your base oils
  • Adding color and scent to whipped body butters 
  • Making soft spreadable body butters
  • Storage, temperature and melt points
  • Making soft body balms 

Core lessons

Natural Scent Ingredients

  • Working with fragrant waxes 
  • Bonus booklet with guide to waxes melt points
  • When and how to add essential oils
  •  Making solid perfumes with fragrant waxes

Put your herbal and botanical infusions to use in recipes and formulas


Balms & Salves

  • Basic salve recipe template (ready for adapting)
  • Herbal violet salve recipe 
  • Wild weeds herbal salve recipe 
  • Calendula herbal salve recipe
  • Solid perfume balm
  • Cayenne balm recipe ~ for muscle aches and pain
  • Solid lotion bars recipe - includes 4 sample templates
  • Melts recipe - includes two sample recipes


Body Butters Recipe Booklet

  • Recipe templates for whipped body butters
  • Soft body butters recipe templates
  • Printable guide to techniques for successful whipped butters
  • Adding color and scent to your recipes
  • Equipment guide


Waxes & Butters Melt Points

  • List of botanical waxes with melt points included
  • List of 19 butters including melt point and quality notes
  • List of 8 fragrant waxes for adding color and scent
  • List of pseudo waxes melt points and use 
  • Equivalency and measurements reference guide
  • Essential oil dilution chart


Massage & Body Oils Recipe Booklet

  • Body oil base recipe
  • Recipe: body oil for inflammation
  • List of high omega 7 oils for body oils
  • List of oils for minimizing pain and discomfort
  • 3 Massage oil recipe combinations
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  •  Core lessons in making natural body care recipes
  • Bonus 1:  Salves & Balms Recipe Booklet
  •  Bonus 2: Guide to Butters & Waxes Melt Points 
  • Bonus 3: Guide to Making Whipped Body Butters
  • Bonus 4: Body & Massage Oils Recipe Booklet
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We're susan & Olivia 

Mother-daughter team here to share the wonderful, and rather vast world of the lipid oils with you. 

Susan, researcher and author of Power of the Seed, is your teacher and guide in your studies and Olivia runs tech and supports students with all the details!

With warmth, 

Susan & Olivia