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100% natural plant oils & butters

Discover the Carrier Oils

Carrier oils, also called lipid oils, pressed from seeds, nuts, kernels and fatty fruits (olive, avocado) are rich in an array of nourishing plant compounds.

Combine and create to develop your perfect formula or an entire line of skincare products! 

 Formulate with Plant Oils

Carrier oils and other lipid oils are rich in plant compounds and nourishing fatty acids. And with so many to work with (159 unique oils and counting in our formulating studio) you can develop richly nuanced facial oils, oil serums, whipped butters and so much more using only oils. 

Sustainable & Effective

Oils and butters are naturally shelf stable so without a water element you can formulate without preservatives. And, with the rich potency of the oils, combined with sustainable selection practices you can make high quality skincare that is wonderful for the skin and the planet. 

The Academy

Inner Circle

A mentorship program in confident formulating with lipids and plant oils. 

The Lipid Blog

Posts and articles on carrier oils, lipid oils, skincare and formulating

Carrier Oils Vs. EO's

Get started with a FREE mini-course that explores the important differences between carrier oils and essential oils, plus tips for how to explain the difference to people who are still unclear. 

We're susan & Olivia 

Mother-daughter team here to share the wonderful, and rather vast world of the lipid oils with you. 

Susan, researcher and author of Power of the Seed, is your teacher and guide in your studies and Olivia runs tech and supports students with all the details!

Happy making,

Susan & Olivia