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Formulating with Dry Oils

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Dry Oils for All Skin Types

Discover the key to formulating effective, non-oily feeling skincare formulas that absorb quickly while delivering specific skin repairing properties. By working with the natural astringency of dry oils, you can make facial oils, oil serums, body oils and base oil blends that leave the skin toned, nourished and protected without a heavy oily feeling. 

Key Skincare Benefits of Dry Oils

The astringent properties in dry oils help stimulate surface circulation in the skin, reduce excess sebum production, minimizes pore visibility, reduces thread veins and helps the skin heal and regenerate. 

Good for Oily and acne prone skin

Repair damaged skin & thread veins 

Toning and tightening effect on the skin

Lesson 1

Skin Benefits of Dry Oils

  • Why astringency in oils is so valuable for skincare 
  • Dry oils vs drying oils two very different types of oil
  • Discover the role of tannins in dry and astringent oils
  • Astringency in herbalism and healing
  • Tannins and the healing fraction of oils 

Lesson 2

working with the dry oils

  • Learn about phospholipids in the skin and formulating
  • Formulating with dry oils getting started
  • Learn about 8 important dry oils and how to work with them
  • Pie charts, fatty acid profiles and plant compounds in dry oils

Lesson 3

lessons on dry butters

  • How some butters have a dryer feeling than dry oils 
  • Skin feel of dry butters
  • Pie charts and fatty acid profiles for 9 different dry butters
  • Formulating with dry butters

Lesson 4

Formulating part 1

  • How to formulate a light oil serum for daytime use
  • Collecting and deciding on your oils 
  • Characteristics of a good daytime oil serum
  • Breaking down the formula
  • Evaluating the end result

Lesson 5

 Formulating part 2

  • How to formulate a facial oil for collagen support
  • Evaluating oils and deciding on the basic formula
  • Pomegranate seed oil an unexpected dry oil with big impact
  • Plant sterols, tocophenols, squalene and evaluating the end formula

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