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A Mentorship Program in Confident Formulating with Botanical & Lipid Oils

I love the membership; it's like my personal oil encyclopedia! 

~ Naudia Lorraine


Find what you need when you need it...

Love working with botanical oils and plant butters?  

Tired of sifting through the internet to get the information you need?

Frustrated by conflicting research and struggling to evaluate the accuracy of the information you find?

Working with botanical oils and plant butters doesn't have to be complicated...

...but with conflicting information it is hard to move forward.

The Academy Inner Circle gives you access to information you can trust, when you need it so that you can make confident decisions and get back to your work.

I love being able to log on and get whatever information I need when I need it. I don’t know how anyone who formulates with oils goes without being a part of the membership.

Mary Jane Poole

Information you can trust...

As interest in botanical oils for skincare grows, it opens the door to misinformation.

Some of it is just misguided, and some of it is scare tactics to get your attention, yet, there is a lot of good information too.

But how do you know? In just the past few months we have dug into controversies like the dangers of PUFA's and MUFA's (not dangerous), dug deep into topics like ceramides in oils, studying which oils help, and which hurt, damaged skin barrier function, and uncovered new research on just how effectively different oils penetrate the skin. 

Misinformation is at best annoying and confusing, but what happens when it takes hold and starts of affect your business or your work? 

Because the sad truth is that good scientific studies can be twisted, cherry-picked and manipulated to back up a false narrative.

When the PUFA myth was peaking, people came to us asking if they could still safely sell their signature facial oils, or if they had to throw out their favorite rose hip seed oil, or, had they damaged their health by using raspberry seed oil. 

The answer to all those questions was…"you’re okay, it's safe and no, that is not true, and, here’s the science to support this"

Being stuck in that place of uncertainty, fear, confusion takes a toll, on your time, your confidence and your progress.

Stay one step ahead of it all, focus on your work with the peace and confidence of having accurate information, when you need it at your fingertips.

This is a new and emerging field of study. Anyone who promises you definitive answers on EVERYTHING is overconfident. Questions come up, new studies emerge, new fatty acids are discovered and new oils become available.

Our promise to you is to guide you to the most accurate information available. And when we don't know, we find out. 

Welcome to the 

Lipid Oils Academy Inner Circle

THE place to learn about the True Oils for skincare, beauty and health. Since 2017 we have been building a library of research, tutorials and knowledge focused 100% on lipid oils.

We created the Lipid Oils Academy because we saw a growing need for accurate, trustworthy information in a noisy online world. 

Our commitment is to find the truth, debunk myths that rise out of scare tactic attention-seeking marketing, and give you the tools and resources you need to work confidently with all the rich and beautiful oils available.

Wherever you are in your skincare journey...

….the Academy Inner Circle gives you the support, resources and tools to create your own line, develop custom skincare for your clients and answer their questions about oils, make your own infused oils and find the best botanical oils for your personal skincare routine.

Get glowing skin for you, your clients and your customers. 

Thank you Susan and Olivia for your constant new information on oils. Plants and oils, what a fascinating world. I’m looking forward to learning more and expanding my, so far limited, formulating fun.

Michelle Satchell


  • Being able to confidently answer client and customer questions about fatty acids, lipid skincare and botanical oils
  • Having quick access to scientific answers to questions about the impact of fatty acids and oils on the skin
  • Having a mentor and community where you can ask questions and get answers right away
  • Confidently formulating facial oils and oil serums that get results and stand out in a crowded market place
  • Creating your own skincare and adapting it to the yearly seasonal changes and life's seasonal changes
  • Turning your passion for making and working with natural ingredients into your own skincare line
  • Helping friends, family and clients achieve the healthy, glowing skin they deserve 

Access the tools and resources you need to get the results you want

Join a community of makers, growers, skincare professionals and formulators, healers and individuals committed to sustainable, natural effective skincare.

Get the support, resources and tools you need to develop custom skincare for your yourself, your friends and family and your clients, and customers.

What you get...

Access Our Comprehensive Learning Materials 

Oil monographs, pie charts, research on fatty acids, ceramides, oils and skin

Community & Support

Answers to your questions when you need them in our members only (off Facebook) forum. 

Tutorials, Recipes & Formulating Projects

Recipes, formulas and tutorials for making your own skincare with botanical oils and plant butters.

Live Q&A Sessions and Masterclasses

Monthly live Q&A sessions and members only masterclasses means there is always something new.

Flexible Learning On Your Time

Find the information you need when you need

Access to Courses and Classes 

Get access to short courses and classes. We add new courses regularly.

Masterclasses & Q&A Sessions

Connect with other formulators and makers, learn new skills, and get your questions answered in our monthly live events and calls.

Community, Support & Commitment

Join an international group of formulators, makers, skincare professionals, producers and growers who are committed to sustainable, ethical sourcing, high quality natural skincare and results.

The information you need when you need it

Look up specific fatty acids, skin benefits of oils, oil monographs in the research center and then check out the lab for recipes, formulations and tutorials

When you join the Academy Inner Circle...

You are’t just getting another course or certificate program - you’re getting mentorship and support so that you can plan projects, achieve your goals and create beautiful, effective skincare with 100% natural oils, plant butters and botanical infusions. 

Susan's abundant knowledge and evident love of oils should be acknowledged and aspirational to prospective students. The program was terrific, and I'm constantly going back to it to reference something. I also love the membership; it's like my personal oil encyclopedia! 

Naudia Lorraine

Will you join us? 

The Academy Inner Circle is the only mentorship program focusing 100% on botanical oils and plant butters, and lipid skincare.

Our members are skincare professionals, formulators, herbalists, aromatherapists and individuals looking for a better, more natural and effective way to take care of their skin.

The common thread is commitment to creating natural skincare formulations that support the health of the skin and the health of the planet.

Sustainability, substitutions, ethical sourcing, connecting suppliers, producers and growers around the world with makers, formulators and healers.

We are committed to giving you the in-depth tools, resources and science to stay ahead of a rapidly growing and changing industry.

It’s noisy out there, come join us in the inner circle and lets get back to our projects.

We can’t wait to hear what you’re working on 

So what are your options?

It’s not just the time and frustration of sifting through blogs and websites trying to find the right information.

It’s the cost of not knowing if what you are getting is accurate or just a well intentioned blogger repeating a misrepresented scientific study. Before long, a mistake can take the shape of a fact and it gets harder and harder to know what’s true.

Or the uncertainty when you don’t know if you should toss an oil that is near its expiration date even though it still seems good

With your membership in the Academy Inner Circle, you can get back to your formulating knowing that you have the inside scoop on how these myths got started and the science to back up your decisions. Peace of mind and confidence is pretty great.

Choose your plan below and we’ll see you in there…

Inner Circle Membership

Academy Inner Circle Membership full Access for $47 a month USD




  • Research library full access
  • Oil monographs library 
  • Short courses & classes
  • Members only masterclasses
  • Live Q&A Sessions
  • Community & support
  • New! Dry Oils Course

Database Subscription

Just want the database? You can get access for just $19 a month USD.




  • Database Subscription 
  • Data for 170+ Oils 
  • Fatty Acid Profiles 
  • Dominant Fatty Acid
  • Iodine value & SAP Value
  • INCI & Scientific names 

Inner Circle Membership

Academy Inner Circle Membership full Access




  • Research library full access
  • Oil monographs library 
  • Short courses & classes
  • Members only masterclasses
  • Live Q&A Sessions
  • Community & support

Database Subscription

Research 170+ different botanical oils and plant butters in our searchable database




  • Database Subscription 
  • Data for 170+ Oils 
  • Fatty Acid Profiles 
  • Dominant Fatty Acid
  • Iodine value & SAP Value
  • INCI & Scientific names 

Bonus! Get Access to Our Exclusive Database Included

Get full access to essential data on 170 + botanical oils, lipids an plant butters with our exclusive, extensive and searchable Oils Database!

Your go-to resource for quick searchable reference on over 170 different oils and butters. Look up oils by dominant fatty acid, INCI, common name, botanical family, SAP value, Iodine value. Cut your research time, avoid the hours sifting through conflicting information or going down rabbit holes, and have the confidence of knowing that you are getting the most accurate, up-to-date information on every oil in our database. 

Also, did we mention it's searchable :-) 

170 +  Fatty Acid Profiles & Pie Charts

Compare pie charts to get a visual of the fatty acids in your oils, or compare the fully fatty acid profile of the oils in your formula. 

Searchable Database of Botanical Oils

Search by dominant fatty, rare fatty acid, common or botanical name to find the perfect oils for your next project. 

SAP & Iodine Values

Whether you are making soap or formulating a facial oil, the database gives you access to data for over 148 oils including dominant fatty acid, Sap value and iodine value. 

Database video walk through

A few of the topics inside the research library...

Recipes & Formulas

Learn how to make oil-only skincare with lessons on making herbal balms, salves, melts, facial oils and more.

Courses & Classes

New courses and classes added each month! Get access to courses on dry oils, fatty acid basics, carriers vs eo's.

Oils & Skin Research

How do oils impact the skin? Do they penetrate and does the fatty acid makeup affect the results? Learn about the science of skin and oil. 

Antioxidants In Oils

Research the unsaponifiables in botanical oils, learn about refining and how it impacts the plant compounds in oils


What exactly are ceramides and are they present in oils? We have a growing section on ceramides in the research center


Go deep with individual oils and access dozens of individual oil monographs. Its a lesson in geography and history with practical skincare applications. 

Substituting oils

Learning about substituting different oils and finding similar oils starts with a study of the botanical families

Fatty Acids Research

Learn about specific fatty acids, how they impact the skin and how to combine fatty acids for different skincare results.

Technical data & tools 

Reference oils and common allergies to watch out for, what iodine value means and how to use it, the impact of refining on oils and shelf life.

Help your clients & customers get the glowing, healthy skin they deserve

  • Guide your clients and customers in finding the best oil combinations for their facial oils and oil serums 
  • Develop custom skincare products using the richness and diversity of natural plant oils and butters
  • Create facial oils and oil serums for your own skincare routine
  • Turn your infused oils into herbal salves, body oils and healing balms 
  • Build authority with well researched and accurate blog posts and articles on carrier oils and other lipid compounds
  • Write compelling product descriptions highlighting the active compounds in oils and butters
  • Get accurate data including INCI names, botanical family, and fatty acid profile for writing product labels and descriptions
  • Discover new oils and butters to work with so that your skincare products stand out and deliver exceptional results

Your mentor and guide...Susan M Parker...

Susan has been working with, researching, writing and teaching the lipid botanical oils for over two decades.

The Academy Inner Circle mentorship program gives you access to lessons, new research, formulating ideas, support and guidance for all your work with oils and plant butters. 

Whether you are at the beginning stages of creating formulations, or you are running your own skincare business, the Lipid Formulators Membership connects you to the resources you need to stay ahead of this exciting and rapidly growing area of skincare. 

Susan is THE teacher you want to study with if you really want to dive deep into the world of lipid oils and butters.

Angie Koenigsberg


Why should I join the Academy Inner Circle?

If you work with lipid compounds at all, oils, butters, waxes, lecithin, etc. this is the place to find detailed information about the subject. I mean how many people can remember the fatty acid profile of ten different oils much less over 100? 

Who is the Academy Inner Circle Mentorship Program designed for?

It is designed to serve any one who works with the oily, buttery lipid raw materials for formulating and skincare whether for personal use or for clients and customers. 

What if I want to cancel? 

You can cancel any time right inside your membership portal on the monthly plan. For annual members, you have 2 weeks (14 days) to try out the membership and request a refund if you find it is not right for you. 

Can I pay for the year? I don’t want to have little amounts taken out each month?

YES! You can sign up with the annual plan and you'll get 2 months free. When you sign up for annual, you have 14 days to make sure its a good fit for you and request a refund if not. 

Aren’t all carriers oils more or less the same?

The short answer is no. The longer answer is why we have an extensive membership site dedicated to these raw materials :-) but seriously, carrier oils and other lipids all bring unique qualities in the balance of fatty acids and plant compounds (the healing fraction) of oils. 

Is all of the content available or do I have to be a member for a certain length of time to see the content?

You get access to everything inside the Lipid Formulators membership including lessons, recipes, the database, oil monographs and call recordings for as long as you continue your membership. 

What if I am new to carrier oils, will I be able to understand so much information?

Yes! You can get started with simple recipes and get to know the oils in the monographs section and build on your knowledge from there. 

What if I am experienced using many carrier oils and have been for a number of years?

I have been working with these oils for 30 plus years, and I still need to reference specific information on one oil or another. That’s why I wrote the book Power of the Seed and developed the Lipid Database. 

What if my new favorite oil is not listed?

Let me know and I will probably be adding it soon. I have a passion for the oils, and wonderment at all the new ones becoming available.

What if I join and don’t end up using it enough?

That you’ll have to decide for yourself but by making the Lipid Database a home screen icon on my iPhone and iPad I find I use it regularly when formulating a new product or writing an article or blog post.  Information at your fingertips.

Quick note: You can cancel at any time but you will lose any grandfathered in monthly rate if you decide to rejoin at a later date. 

Why is there so much emphasis on pie charts?

Pie charts are a quick look at an oil to get a visual idea of its make up without looking at the percentage of the different fatty acids. I do my pie chats using the same colors for the fatty acids in a consistent way so that you can line up several pie charts and compare oil’s composition easily.

Why are fatty acids so important?

They are what make up the oils 95 to 99%. And there are many many fatty acids but they fall in to several main groups which when you have experienced them will help you choose among the oils.

So what is the non-fatty acid part of the oils if they aren’t 100% fatty acids?

That small but important part is called the healing fraction (unsaponifiable) that is where we find the vitamins, plant sterols, carotenoids, squalene, and more in the oils.

We're susan & Olivia 

Co-founders of the Lipid Oils Academy and mother-daughter team committed to bringing you accurate and innovative tools, research and information on botanical oils, lipids, plant butters and anhydrous skincare formulating.

Sustainability, knowledge, community & healing. 

With warmth, Susan & Olivia