July 11


Four Oils for Haircare

Just as we can use plant oils on our skin as face or body oils, our hair can benefit from oils applied to it too. And, as with our skin, some oils are better than others and will depend on your hair's condition.

Several terms appear when we study haircare; smoothing, detangling, shine enhancing, conditioning, and strengthening. By choosing and applying suitable plant oils, you can help dry and lifeless hair.

A light oil coating can smooth dry, frizzy hair without weighing it down. Shine is another benefit when using oil on the hair.

The haircare industry uses silicones to smooth dry, frizzy hair and create shine while detangling and giving the hair strength. - but silicones are synthetic, and many people seek a natural alternative.

The plant world's alternatives to silicones are oils with long-chain fatty acids that act similarly to the synthetic version, smoothing and yet being natural and plant-sourced oils.

These oils have an unusual structure for the hair - and skin - they are soft, smooth, and protective for both skin and hair.

4 Cabbage Family Oils for Haircare

Broccoli seed oil

Daikon Radish seed oil

Cabbage seed oil

Arugula seed oil

These natural oils coat the hair and help eliminate snags, tangles, abrasion, and damage to the hair shaft.

And notice anything about these oils? They are all related botanically. The cabbage or Brassica botanical family creates oils with these exceptional very-long chains that benefit the hair.

When using oils on the hair put a small amount on the tips of the fingers and work into the hair ends.


About the author 

Susan Parker

I'm Susan M Parker, author, teacher and researcher. My life is steeped in the lipid oils, carrier oils, plant butters. Since publishing my book Power of the Seed in 2014 I have been teaching and sharing my work with the botanical and lipid oils with students from around the world.

    • That’s an interesting thought, Julie. I hear quite a bit about Rapeseed use by people in the EU, not so much in the US. I think Canola is a genetic modification of Rapeseed (??). I can’t imagine using Canola on my hair! 😀

      • Yes, as I replied to Julie – canola is a genetic modification of the original rapeseed where the very long chain fatty acids have been replaced with the common oleic acid. This makes it a very different oil. And the original rapesseed is available in Europe.

    • Canola is a far cry from its original rapeseed. The plant was bred to remove the long chain fatty acids and replaced with oleic acid. However the original rapeseed can be found in European markets.

  • Interesting article. I never thought to put oils in the cabbage family on my hair (or skin). I imagine lettuces (besides arugula) might be good too.

  • Broccoli seed oil is right up there one of my favourites for hair! I add it to our leave-in conditioner. It’s very light, yet works wonderfully to impart a gorgeous shine on the hair. It can have a bit of a scent, but it’s easily masked with an essential oil (i like eucalyptus EO, which also imparts shine). Great sealing oils! Thanks Susan!

  • I was just thinking about dry summer hair. Will have to try it, especially now that I’m trying out shampoo bars which seem to make my hair coarse and frizzy. Do these oils smell like vegy’s or is it pretty neutral? 🙂

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