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The Lipid Formulators Membership Program

The Lipid Formulators Membership Program is the place to be for accurate, detailed lessons, research and trainings on formulating successfully with botanical lipid oils and butters. 

Formulators Lab

Jump into the action with recipes and formulas, lessons and mini trainings on formulating techniques and ideas for your next project.

Live Trainings

Get live trainings each month on specific oils, formulating techniques, vitamins and antioxidants in botanical oils, and more! 

Lipid  Oils Database

Search over 160 botanical lipid oils and butters by dominant fatty acid, INCI, SAP value (for all you soap makers out there) Iodine Value, common name or botanical family.

New lessons each month!

Monthly teaching presentations on a specific, changing topic from a newly discovered fatty acid to a specific oil to work with.

The Research Center

Trainings, lessons and tutorials on individual oils, unsaponifiables, fatty acids, oil and the skin, topics like oleic acid and skin barrier function, PUFA's and seed oils for skincare and more. 

 industry Experts Discuss

Get full access to interviews with industry experts on topics ranging from formulating methods to sourcing and sustainability.