How to order oils from Senegal

Earlier this year we had the opportunity to work with long time lipid community member Oumou Bathily to import a batch of oils from Senegal.

The oils are gorgeous and we still have a few gallons left,

Here's the details: 

Baobab, Adansonia digitata is a member of the Malvaceae family, also home to hibiscus, cocoa butter and cupuaçu butter. The baobab pie chart is a study of descending thirds, oleic 35%, linoleic 29% and palmitic 24%. In addition the oil has beta carotene, pro-vitamin A, B vitamins, minerals and more.
Press date: Feb 2021
8 Oz $19.00

Moringa, Moringa oleifera, also known as the ben oil tree, and drumstick tree, is the first identified source of behenic fatty acid. The Behenic acid fatty acid chain is 22 carbons long and fully saturated and just 10% of moringa oil. The feel of behenic acid in the oil is thick and substantial. Moringa oil however, is high in oleic acid which lightens the 10% behenic acid.
Press date: Feb 2021
8 Oz $28.00
16 Oz $42.00

Touloucouna, Carapa procera is cousin to Andiroba oil Carapa guianensis, both growing wild in warm regions around the earth. The oil is high in limonoids and triterpenes is helpful for easing inflammation and treating painful joints, tension, and tightness in the body, but make the oil incredibly bitter tasing and so it is not used as an edible oil. Touloucouna is an important plant in parts of Senegal, where it is attributed with mystical powers and medicinal properties.
Press date: Feb 2021

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Watermelon oil, Citrullus vulgaris comes from French speaking Africa, Senegal, arriving with a French name, huile de Pastèque. It is also known as Ootanga Oil and Kalahari Oil. - Extremely high in phytosterols 1120mg/100g. Watermelon seed oil also has a reputation to reduce the appearance of uneven skin, and hyper-pigmentation. Unsaponifiable α-Tocopherol and β-carotene make the oil nutritious for the skin.
Press date Feb 2021
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Souchet, Cyperus esculentus, is commonly called tiger nut. It is a weed like sedge plant that grows prolifically around the temperate earth, and considered an invasive plant. The oil is pressed from tubers rather than seeds. As part of the reproductive process however, tubers are a means to reproduce so it is fitting to find the lipid compounds there. Generously endowed with plant sterols provide anti inflammatory protective phytosterols along with antioxidant tocopherols.
Press date. Feb 2021
8 Oz $23.00
16 Oz $39.00

Hibiscus, Hibiscus sabdariffa is a mallow genus native to Africa and the source of hibiscus oil. Also known as the Roselle, the flowers of this variety are creamy white surrounding a deep red center. The oil’s antioxidant compounds soothe problem, damaged, maturing or sensitive skin. Skin elasticity is maintained while minimizing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Able to deeply moisturize and maintain emollience.
Press date: Jan 2021
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How to order

Send us an email at: 


please include all of the below:

1. Your name:

2. the oils and sizes you want

3. your complete mailing address including street address, town and state with zip code.

4. We will send an invoice including shipping costs for you to pay so that we can ship it out to you.

Susan & Olivia 

The Lipid Oils Academy

PS: If you want a larger quantity of any of the oils let us know in the email as well and we can discuss.