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Here's a bit of what's going on inside:

First of the month

Each month you'll get two installments on a topic, the first near the beginning of the month will be researched based and will lay the groundwork for the mid-month lesson. 


Mid-month you'll get access to the second part of the lesson. This is typically more hands-on, a formula or recipe, application or other technique. 

LIve Call & Q&A

Towards the end of the month we have a live call to discuss that months topic, focus in on a specific lesson or just talk about anything lipid and plant oil related. 


The live calls are recorded so if you cannot join the calls at the scheduled time you can email your questions ahead of time and then catch the answer on the recording. 

Access the Archives

You get access to the archives of all the lessons. This is a library of techniques, live calls, research and oil profiles. You can access the archives from your members portal.


An extra for those of you on Facebook, as a member you get access to the Lipid Oil Insiders Group. This group is not a requirement for membership! And you can get all the value and community from the live calls and inside the portal.

Returning member or student? 

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