Create Your Own Custom Facial Oil

January Challenge


Updates January 26th 

We've wrapped up the facial oil challenge! The live session recordings, video lessons and downloads will be available for a few more days. 

And, registration is open now for the Facial Oil Formulation Online course. 

Outline & Overview

Challenge Dates: January 22nd to 26th, 2024

Daily Schedule 

Short Pre-Recorded Video Lesson 

Download & action step 

Live Session at 1PM Pacific (US) 

Each day of the challenge you'll get a short video with that day's lesson and a download. 

And then we have the Live Session each day at 1PM Pacific Time / 4PM Eastern. 

During the daily Live Sessions we will go over the lessons, do Q&A and discuss the formulas and ideas you are working on. 

Getting Started

You don't need to buy anything to join the challenge! A lot of the early work on a formula is planning, strategy and selecting your ingredients. 

During our 5 days together, you'll develop your own custom facial oil formula step-by-step. 

And once you have your formula you can order your oils and start putting it all together. 

Downloads & Worksheets

We will have daily worksheets and oils lists below the videos for each day. 

Those will be available starting Monday, January 22nd!

Live Sessions Each Day at 1PM PAcific (US)