Stocking Your Carrier Oil Pantry Workshop Is Closed

Discover the best carrier oils for your formulating projects, learn how to store oils to extend shelf life and create your own custom collection in just 5 days! 

No more scrolling through dizzyingly long lists of carrier oils. In just 5 days you'll have your go-to oils picked out and ready to stock your workspace shelves. 

Join us for daily live tips, lessons and strategies on shelf life, storage, and what oils to stock up on!

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Day 1: Stocking the Foundation Oils 

Day 1 we will start with the Foundation Oils, the base of your carrier oil collection. These oils are rich and nourishing, have neutral scent and pigments and are idea for  creating the base for creams, lotions, and body oils, carrying essential oils, making base blends and oil infusions.

Day 2: Anti-Oxidant Rich Delivery Oils

Next, stocking up on high-value oils rich in antioxidants and often higher in natural plant compounds and pigments than the foundation oils. Use these oils in smaller amounts to add antioxidants and potent plant compounds to your formulas.

Day 3: Plant Butters & Pseudo Butters

Day 3 is focused on natural plant butters and pseudo butters. Learn the easiest way to know if you are ordering a natural plant butter like shea, mango or cocoa, or a psuedo butter. Pseudo butters have their uses but it's important to know the difference. Also, you can make your own. 

Day 4: How to Store, Stock & Care For Oils

Day 4 is clean out day! We will have tips and methods to tell if an oil is rancid or still good to use,  when to toss vs when to turn into soap. And a section on shelf life and best storage for each type of oil to protect from rancidity. 

Day 5: Specialty Oils for Specific Skin Care

Day 5 is Specialty oils day! Some oils fall outside of the three main groups. They have unique fatty acid compounds or affects on the skin. Learn about oils for supporting collagen production, treating hyperpigmentation and repairing scar tissue.

Bonus: Coming soon

We have a few ideas for an additional lesson, but this will also be based on questions that come up during the five day challenge. So, make sure to sign up and ask questions. 

More on the bonus lesson soon! 

Stocking Your Carrier Oil Pantry

October 22nd to 26th

Live Challenge with Susan & OLivia 

Join us to discover the best carrier oils to stock for all your formulating and making projects!

Susan will have about 30 minutes of teaching each day followed by time for Q&A 

Recordings available until November 1st


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