Spring Skincare Formulating package

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Turn your Herbal Oils, Botanical Oils & Plant Butters into Fresh Skincare Formulations for Spring

Tap into Spring Energy with Your Own Herbal & Botanical Skincare Formulations

Courses, formulating tutorials and ingredients guides you'll be making your own skincare with botanical oils and plant butters. Create your own balanced, effective  preservative-free skincare formulations. 

What's Inside...

Success with Carrier Oils Online Course ($297 Value)

Be 100% confident you are using the most effective carrier oils!

Whether you're creating an oil serum, infusing skin healing herbs for future formulas, or you're looking for that one carrier oil that is your perfect skincare match for everyday use, the Carrier Oil Course is the place to learn the what, why, and how of working with the unique, skin healing and restoring fatty acids in all your carrier oils. 

Oils Only: Recipes & Methods Course & Guide Book 

($197 Value)

The Course: 

Make luxurious whipped body butters, formulate anti-inflammatory massage oils and create your own recipes for herbal salves, balms and body oils. The tools you need to transform your favorite oils, butters, herbal infusions and botanical waxes into high-quality skincare formulations.

The Guide Book:

Your companion to Oils Only Recipes & Methods, 32 page guide book includes herbal skincare recipes for salves, balms, whipped butters, plus conversion charts, melt points and ingredients guides. 

Oils for Infusing Mini Course & E-Book

(Value $70)

The Mini Course:

Infusing in oils is an ancient art and an effective way to bring the healing power of plants into your all your skincare recipes and formulas, from facial serums to massage oils and healing topical salves. In this mini course you'll discover the best oils to use for infusing, plus tips, methods and techniques for success. 

The E-Book:

Your extended guide to infusing in oils, when and how to use plant butters, the enfleurage process, tools, methods and troubleshooting, ideas for plants to infuse, plus a photo essay of a St Johns Wort Infusion


Guide to Whipped Body Butters

  • Techniques for successful whipped body butters
  • Troubleshooting  and texture
  • Essential equipment lists and tips
  • Adding color & scent to whipped butters
  • Working with different ingredient melt points successfully


How to Make Body & Massage Oils 

  • A calming body oil for inflammation
  • How to use Omega 7 - palmitoleic acid for mature skin
  • Working with shelf stable oils in your formulas
  • Making a body oil for treating pain and discomfort  
  • Includes: essential oil dilution chart and
  • And recipe templates for your own recipes and formulation notes


Guide to Waxes & Butters Melt Points

  • Melt points for the true botanical waxes
  • How to use butters in place of some of the waxes in a balm recipe
  • Pseudo waxes melt points and uses (green tea wax, laurel wax, violet wax)
  • Making a body oil for treating pain and discomfort  
  • Fragrant waxes including jasmine wax, mimosa wax and rose wax


Balms & Salves Recipe Guide Book

  • How to make a herbal violet salve
  • Wild weeds herbal salve made with infused oils
  • Calendula salve recipe
  • Solid rose perfume balm  
  • Cayenne balm for pain and muscle aches
  • How to make melts recipe template
  • Solid lotion bars recipe templates

Tap into Spring Creative Energy

With lifetime access to all your courses, you can get your Spring Maker's Package now and work through the lessons and guidebooks at your own pace. 

Grab your bundle and start planning your spring formulating projects, and decide what oil infusions you want to start making. 

Spring Makers Package

The Botanical Skincare Package

The tools, lessons and guides to make herbal skincare, therapeutic carrier oil base blends, whipped body butters and healing topical salves and balms and massage and body oils.

  • Success with Carrier Oils Online Course ($297 Value)
  • Oils Only Recipes & Methods Online Course ($197 Value)
  • Oil Infusions and Enfleurage Mini-Course & E-Book ($70 Value)
  • Infusing In Oils E-Book ($25 Value)
  • Guide to Successful Whipped Butters (exclusive)
  • Guide to Making Herbal Balms, Salves & Melts (exclusive)
  • Guide to Making Massage & Body Oils (exclusive)
  • Guide to Plant Butters & Botanical Waxes (exclusive)




Want just one course? Or do you already have one of the courses in this package?

Send us an email at admin@lipidoils.com and we'll set up something customized to your needs and formulating goals.

I took the Facial oil course with Susan Parker last year when it launched as I was in the process of developing a product for my aromatherapy line. I  already read her book "Power of the seed" and referenced it regularly for my work. 

Even though I had a good grasp of lipid oils and their many benefits, I can honestly say Susan's course has taken that knowledge to another level. She manages to condense a lot of information in a simple and easy to follow format that gives you enough knowledge to work with and yet leaves you wanting to research more. A perfect combination of keypoints and visuals that make the information easy to digest and remember for later.

I would highly recommend Susan's course for anyone interested in more in depth knowledge about lipid oils in general and facial formulation in particular.

Yasmine ElGhamrawy

I am a French pharmacist and have studied in several universities in France. Susan's knowledge about the lipid world is incredible I have learned a lot with pleasure and I use the knowledge every day at work.


I love studying with Susan. She has created groundbreaking material that is fun to learn. Her work has been critical to me to uncover my special passion using lipids in combination with other additions to a multitude of topical preparations. If you’re serious about developing your skills with carrier oil selection or even more complex Lipid based products, Susan Parker’s workshops and materials can’t be beat!!!

Liz Zucco

We're susan & Olivia...

Co-founders of the Lipid Oils Academy and mother-daughter team here to share the healing, skin nourishing beauty of the lipid oils with you.

Whether you are working on a new facial oil formulation, developing a line of body care products or looking for the perfect skincare oil for our routine, you'll find the courses, information, support & community you need here at the Lipid Oils Academy. 

Learn with Susan M Parker, formulator and & author of Power of the Seed: Your Guide to Oils For Beauty & Health.