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Carrier Oil Essentials Online Course

In this condensed 8 lesson course, you'll learn how to work with the therapeutic properties in plant oils for all your herbal preparations, aromatherapy blends & skincare formulations! 

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Are your carrier oils working hard enough? 

Module 1

 Carriers vs. Essential Oils

  • Carrier oils vs essential oils - similarities and differences
  • How to tell the difference between carriers and essential oils
  • Scent and smell in carrier oils vs essential oils  
  • Extraction methods and refining oils 
  • Dilution requirements and safety guidelines

Module 2

A Very Short Intro To Carrier oil Chemistry

  • One molecule creates the entire framework 
  • 5 fatty acids you need to know
  • when one plant produces different oils
  • How fatty acids tell you the skin feel of an oil

module 3

A slightly Longer Lesson in Carrier Oil Chemistry

  • A visual guide to the structure of carrier oils
  •  Saturated fatty acids & emollient oils
  • Why monounsaturated oils are the workhorse in your carrier oil collection
  • Polyunsaturated oils absorbent & nutrient dense
  •  The two Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) 

module 4

Antioxidants & Oxidation

  • How oxygen "damages" carrier oils 
  • Proper storage by type of carrier oil
  • Shelf life & stability (your chemistry lesson applied)
  • Iodine value - what it is and how to use this data
  • Should you refrigerate your oils? it depends
  • How to care for your saturated plant butters

module 5

 The Healing Fraction

  • Unsaponifable (plant compounds) in carrier oils
  • Red, orange, yellow, green, blue - what pigments tell you about an oil
  • Vitamins & polyphenols in carrier oils 
  • Vitamin E (both types) skin benefits & natural preserving

module 6

 Refined vs Unrefined Oils

  • What is lost in the refining process
  • Why a refined oil can be your best choice (sometimes)
  • Fractionated Coconut Oil (FCO)
  •  Natural variation in natural ingredients

module 7

Important Carrier Oils to keep in stock

  • Your saturated butters
  • Your base oils for everything from infusing to making base blends
  • Your high value antioxidant rich oils
  •  Anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial carriers
  • Oils to help restore and protect skin barrier function
  • Very-long chain fatty acid oils (natural preservatives) 

module 8

lessons in Formulating

  • The basics of oil only formulating 
  • Exfoliating scrubs for face & body
  • Creating nourishing body oils
  •  Making professional quality massage oils
  • Guide to making herbal salves and balms 
  • How to make solid lotion bars
  • Sourcing high quality oils 
special offer!

Carrier Oil Essentials Online Course

Your quick-start guide to working with carrier oils and plant butters, for aromatherapy, herbalism & skincare formulating. 

  • Lessons in formulating with carrier oils
  • Anti-inflammatory & anti-microbial oils
  • Oils to help restore skin barrier function
  • Guide to working with plant butters 
  • Refined vs unrefined plant oils 
  • Vitamins, minerals and other bioactive compounds
  • Key lessons in fatty acids & skincare benefits