Lipids Decoded

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Lipids Decoded- Registration is closed

I am really close to releasing a brand new version of Lipids Decoded and I am so looking forward to sharing it with our community. 

Lipids Decoded was the first course I created back in 2016 and since then hundreds of students have come through the program with me. 

It is the most comprehensive and complete training available on the lipid and botanical oils. 

So why the 2.0 version? 

Confession time, I love working on this course. I love seeing how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together and I love making it better and better. 

The Role of Plant Families 

In this new version I went deep into plant families and the patterns in the oils found within the families.

Things like similar fatty acid profiles, similar unsaponifiables and similar skin feel and use. 

It's really fascinating the deeper you get into it. 

We will be opening registration later this month.

Note: I always want you to have the most updated version of the courses and programs you invest in with me! So from the beginning policy around here has been, once you purchase a course you get permanent access including new versions I create.

So if you took Lipids Decoded way back in 2016 during the first round or you signed up last year you will get full access to this new release. Alumni invites going out in the next few weeks

Bonus Study Booklets!

Inside the core modules of Lipids Decoded students journey around the globe and deep into the chemistry of lipid and botanical oils. Studying the role of geography and climate in shaping the fatty acid profile of each oil, how the shape of fatty acids affect skin feel and how botanical families give us an important part of the puzzle when selecting, combining and developing botanical oil formulations. 

And the bonus study booklets go a step further! Giving students a visual reference guide to over seven plant families, a deep dive into conjugated fatty acids (making pomegranate seed oil so viscous), soap making, saturated plant butters and more. 

Lipids Decoded Registration is Closed

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