Introduction to Carrier Oil Chemistry

[Free] 3-Part Masterclass

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A Roadmap to Carrier Oils

[FREE] 3 Part Master Class 

for skincare formulators, herbalists, aromatherapists, soap makers, skincare professionals and anyone who is interested in creating lipid skincare with all the wonderful oils available

Part 1: Master the five most common fatty acids that show up in almost every oil you will ever work with. We'll look at three very different oils that each have all five of these common fatty acids, in different proportions.

 Part 2: Discover my simple approach to mastering lipid chemistry through the lense of botany, art and hands on experiments. This is the key to seeing and experiencing how the chemistry works. 

Part 3: Learn how to read a fatty acid profile or pie chart and how to apply this to storing, purchasing, using and sourcing carrier oils.