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Making Facial Oils for Summer Skincare!

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Video Series Overview

Here's an overview

  • We will get started with a look at antioxidant-rich oils, specifically oils high in carotenoids. 
  • From there we will build a facial oil together with a neutral base and then add high-value oils to our combination. This first facial oil will be suitable for a wide range of skin types. 
  • Then, in video 3, learn how to adapt the original blend to create two more specialized facial oils, one for dry skin to help support collagen production and reduce fine lines, and one for oily skin and people struggling with blemishes and inflammation. 


The first video is open now and the next videos will be opening up over the next few days.

 We decided record the lessons and share them with you this way since we are a community all over the world and time zones get tricky. 

There will also be a space below the videos for questions and discussion. 

We're so glad to have you join us! 

Susan & Olivia

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