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THe facial oil series is Open

In the next few days, I will be sharing 3 videos on making facial oils. There will be a few more emails as we move through this training but you will be able to opt-out of the series at any time and still remain on the email list. 

Here's what I have planned...

  • Why create facial oils? oil and skin and why this is the best addition to your skincare line or personal skincare routine 
  • Naturally preservative-free skincare. When you work with only oils you can create shelf-stable skincare without preservatives.
  • Singles ~ these are single oils that are nutritious and balanced in their fatty acid profile making them exceptional facial oils all on their own.  I have found dozens of these balanced oils, but in this series we will focus in on a handful of important ones.
  • Combining oils ~ I will show you some of the methods and techniques as well as considerations that I incorporate when creating a new facial oil blend.


The 3-day training will be starting this Friday, February 25th. I decided to run the videos pre-recorded since we are a community all over the world and time zones get tricky. 

There will also be a space below the videos for questions and discussion. 

I'm so glad to have you join us! 

Susan M Parker

PS: If you know someone who might be interested here's a link you can share. 

Video Series Shareable Link