[Free] Mini-Course

Carrier Oils vs Essential Oils

What is the true difference between carrier oils and essential oils? These two 'oils' are often confused but knowing the difference is crucial for safe skincare and formulating. Discover the differences and similarities.

Inside the Course

Part 1: Botanical Oils from Carriers to Essentials

Carrier oils and essential oils, what makes them different? In this first part you will explore these two 'oils'.

Part 2: Essential Oils & The Aromatics 

How aromatic oils are extracted, where they come from and basic use. This section lookes at essential oils as a whole. 

Part 3: Carrier Oils, Lipid Oils & Fixed Oils Defined

What are the carrier oils? And why are they called fixed oils? This section goes deeper into the carriers. 

Part 4: Putting it All Together Recipes & Formulating Ideas

In the final part of the course you will put it all together combining carrier oils and essential oils to create your own combinations. Essential oil dilution chart included! 

More resources inside...

  • Essential oil and carrier oil comparison chart
  • Essential oil dilution chart
  • Measurements and equivalents chart
  • Ideas for making facial oils, body oils and massage oils
  • Storage and care to prolong carrier oil shelf life 
  • Worldwide sources list for carrier oils