Stocking Your Carrier Oil Pantry

[Free] Video Series on Carrier Oils

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This series is for you if:  

  • You are looking for the most effective carrier oils for you formulations for salves, balms and herbal infusions
  • Long lists of carrier oils overwhelm you and making decisions on which to order is hard.
  • You want to get more out of your essential oil blends by combining them with effective carrier oils 
  • You want to create a versatile, effective and useful collection of carrier oils for all your upcoming projects
  • You buy carrier oils obsessively (hello cranberry seed oil! yum) but once you have them, then what?
  • You want your carrier oils to work as hard as your essential oils

Workshop Details

You'll get 3 video lessons on carrier oils beginning Friday July 30th. The workshop will be available for about a week after that. Once the video lessons are live you'll have a little under a week to access the lessons (no getting up at 3AM for those of you outside the US time zone!)

Part 1

Oleic acid carrier oils are the work horse of a well stocked carrier oil pantry. Olive oil is the most common, but there are many many more. In this first lesson you'll learn about this important group of carrier oils. 

Part 2

Often rich in anti-oxidants and other vitamins and minerals, polyunsaturated fatty acid oils bring powerful skincare properties to your carrier oil collection. Plus a look at shelf life and storing carriers. 

Part 3

In this final lesson were going to look at two topics, the unsaponifiables or healing fraction of oils where you find the antioxidants and other important compounds and then a brief lesson on plant butters. 

The workshop is closed