Carrier Oils Workshop Series

Follow along as we build a series of effective and potent base oil blends with carrier oils

Part 1:

Why the carrier oils you choose matter

Carrier Oils can do a lot more than simply "carrying" other elements in a formulation. In this lesson you'll learn how the right carrier oils contribute powerful skin nourishing, healing compounds to topical treatments and recipes. 

Part 2: 

Formulating with carrier oils 

Discover the process for making base oil combinations and then adapting them for different uses. Plus, unrefined and lightly refined carrier oils provide a rich source of anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals. 

Part 3: 

The art of adapting a formula

In this lesson you'll learn how to adapt a recipe or formulation by selecting different carrier oils with specific properties. Adaptation is a big part of customizing formulations. 

cherry kernel carrier oil and fruit

Carrier Oil Workshop Series 

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Carrier Oils for Herbal Infusions & Aromatherapy
Inside you'll find:
  • 12 versatile carrier oils for a wide range of uses
  • 3 base oil combination ideas to get started with 
  • 5 carrier oils for use in roller ball applicators 
  • 8 oils for infusing herbs and other botanicals

If you're new here...

I'm Susan M Parker and I am here to guide you in your work with the lipid oils and carriers that make up such a rich and important part of skincare and skincare formulation. 

Since my book Power of the Seed: Your Guide to Oils for Health & Beauty was published in 2014 the world of oils has been growing rapidly. In 2017, together with my Olivia, my daughter and business partner, we opened registration for our first course devoted to the carriers and lipid oils. Since then we have grown our course offerings and opened the Lipid Oils Academy. 

Welcome, and I am so glad to have you in our world. 

The picture here is Olivia and me in Spain in October 2018 when we went over to teach in Madrid and then visit the wild olive relative, Acebuche in Jaen, Spain.