Reference Guides to Fatty Acid Groups, Skin Benefits & Formulating

Get all 6 Fatty Acid Reference Guides included when you sign up for Lipids Decoded 2022

Value: $360

Bonus: Guide to Conjugated Fatty Acid Oils

Value: $60 

Guide to conjugated fatty acids in oils ranging from pomegranate to bitter gourd oil. Learn how the shape of fatty acids determines how oils feel on the skin.

Bonus: Guide to Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Oils 

Value: $75

Quickly reference the many oils dominant in polyunsaturated fatty acids high in LA, LNA and GLA. Find oils for facial oil formulations, skin repair and high value oils.

Bonus: Guide to Oleic Acid Dominant Oils

Value: $60

Oleic dominant oils are the workhorse in your botanical oil collection. This reference guide gives you quick access to oleic dominant oils for face and body care, infusing and base oil blends. 

Bonus: Guide to Palmitoleic Acid Oils 

Value: $45

Find anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory lipid oils quickly for healing focused formulas and topical skincare applications. 

Bonus: Guide to Saturated Plant Butters

Value: $75 

Compare pie charts and skin benefits for a wide range of plant butters across multiple families to create unique body care products with butters including mowrah, cupuacu, shea kapangnan and many more. 

Bonus: Fatty Acids Quick Reference Guide

Value: $45

Your fatty acid cheat sheet and quick reference guide. Print out a copy and keep it close at hand as you work up new formulas to cross reference fatty acids and create balanced skincare. 

Formulators Guides to Lipid Oils within Botanical Families 

Get all 10 Quick Reference Guides to lipid oils within botanical families. Compare similar oils, find substitutions, and build unique balanced formulas. 

Value: $560

Bonus: Guide to Oils in the Rose Family

Value: $75

Quickly find and compare fatty acid profiles and other data from oils in the rose family including plum kernel oil, strawberry seed oil, rosehip, pear and more.

Bonus: Guide to Grain Family Oils & Squalene

Value: $50

Amaranth, oat, rice bran, oils from the grain family are rich in beneficial skin nutrients including squalene.

Bonus: Guide to the Palm Family of Oils

Value: $75

The palm family, palm oil controversy and the many types of oil producing plants (14 in all) in the palm family including coconut oil, tucuma, murumuru & babassu.

Bonus: Guide to Oils in the Cabbage Family

Value: $65

Sacha inchi oil, kukui nut oil and castor oil 

Bonus: Guide to Oils in the Pumpkin & Melon Family

Value: $55

Pumpkins, watermelon, cucumber, gourds and even loofah oil, lipid oils from this family are an important part of your formulating toolbox.

Bonus: Guide to Oils in the Legume Family

Value: $40

From common soy to the skin superstar pracaxi oils in the legume family cover a wide range of skincare uses. Includes fatty acid profiles and pie charts for all 6 oils in the legume family.

Bonus: Guide to Oils in the Euphorbia Family

Value: $35

Sacha inchi oil, kukui nut oil and castor oil might not seem related but they all belong to the same family! and that means they have similar characteristics. 

Bonus: Guide to Oils in the Daisy Family & Manipulated Oils

Value: $65

Find all the daisy family oils in one spot from sunflower seed oil to lettuce seed oil (ya lettuce seed oil!) and compare fatty acid profiles. Includes data on manipulated oils

Bonus: Carrot Seed Oil & The Carrot Family

Value: $35

Carrot, coriander, parsley this small family has some unique lipid oils with unique fatty acids and skin benefits. These oils are new in the lipid world though their essential oil counterparts have been around for a long time. 

Bonus: Guide to Borage, Tomato, Cactus and Small Botanical Families

Value: $65

Tomato seed oil, mallow, borage seed oil and cactus including prickly pear all come from small families. But these oils are an important part of formulating and skincare.

Skin & Oil, Refining, Soap Making & Unsaponifiables

Whether you are looking for inspiration for a new soap, comparing refined and unrefined oils, researching unsaponifiables or looking for details on ceramides, skin and oil, barrier function, these quick reference guides are an essential part of your formulating toolbox.

Value: $270

Bonus: Guide to the Skin & Oils

Value: $75

Reference skin barrier function, ceramides, the relationship between the skin, sun and oil and how essential fatty acids make a difference in skincare and health. 

Bonus: Visual Guide to Refining in Lipid Oils

Value: $55

Botanical oils vary tremendously depending on the level of refining. In this visual reference guide look up and compare oils to see the range of pigments and refining. 

Bonus: How Oils Become Soap

Value: $75

Oils, saponification and the unique alchemy of how oils turn into soap. Learn how to make simple, oil-rich soap with a wide range of lipid oils. 

Bonus: Guide to Unsaponifiables in Lipid Oils

Value: $65

The unsaponifiables in lipid oils is a big subject and the research is new and emerging all the time. Anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals and plant compounds make up the unsaponifiables in botanical oils.