Lipid Chat Live

May 2022

Carrier Oils & Lipids

 May 12th

1:00pm PT/

4:00 PM ET

On the call we will be talking about carrier oil, lipids, butters and everything related. Bring your questions or just come to listen and get ideas. 

What to bring to the call: 

Bring your questions and ideas and maybe something to take notes with. I will be leading the call but encourage and welcome anyone who would like to add to the conversation to jump in. We will be meeting on zoom and the call will last about 1 hour. 

Who's hosting? 

If you're new here, I want to introduce myself. I'm Susan M Parker, author of Power Of The Seed: Your Guide To Oils For Health & Beauty. Since publishing the book in 2015 (and for a long time before that) I have been researching, teaching and working with lipid oils, plant butters and all the carriers. 

In 2017 Olivia (my daughter and business partner) created and launched our first course Lipids Decoded. Since then we have been working closely together to make these courses and programs available. 

With a few trips thrown in for fun (I mean work).  This is a picture of us in Jaen, Spain in 2018. 

Susan M Parker