The Lipid Formulators

A month to month membership program for formulators, educators, skincare professionals & anyone who loves working with lipids, carrier oils and anhydrous (waterless) skincare. 

Red oils
Winter skin care
Dry oils
Rose family
Prickly pear
3 camellias
Pumpkins and gourd oils
Green oils

What do these topics have in common? 

Each is a topic in the Lipid Formulators, a membership for those who love the lipid oils.

But this is not all, and each month the list grows as we tackle the ever expanding subject of the lipid carrier oils.

Each month I pick a topic. I may have been asked a question about an oil. Or a new oil has crossed my path and I want to look at it in more depth. Or I get a question about unsaponifiable compounds.

There are various ways the topics are chosen, but all will further expand our knowledge of the ways that the lipid oils can help us in formulating skin care and caring for our skin.

Project: Facial Balm

A few months ago our focus was on creating a facial balm. My goal was to create a balm with high skincare benefits and a soft, silky consistency. Below are pear seed oil, rosehip seed oil, meadowfoam seed oil, cupuacu butter, cera bellina wax and an alkanet root infusion I made for pigment. 


Here's the resulting balm. It came out with a lovely soft consistency. You will find the recipe for this and more in the archives of your membership portal. 

Why join ?

Each time I discover a new oil, research a new fatty acid or to a study on the similarities of oils from the same plant families I want to write a new course and add all the cool stuff in there! But that’s just not practical and so the membership idea was born. Inside you'll find ongoing support and access to the archives of research, recipes and workshops. 

Who is it for? 


If you're just getting started making balms, infusions and facial oils, you'll find ideas and inspiration for working with a wide range of different carrier oils, lipids and butters. And, in the archives there are many recipes you can use as is or as a template to create your own. 


You have been working with lipids and carriers for a while and want to start making skincare for clients or for your own product line. Inside the membership you will find inspiration and ideas for expanding your work with new oils and fatty acid combinations


Whether you've taken Lipids Decoded and want more in depth work with the lipids and oils, or you are currently formulating for your own skincare line, the membership is the place to be to stay ahead of the market. 

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