Monthly lessons in the Art & Alchemy of Combining Plant Oils 

Lipid Formulators Membership Program

Your Membership Includes

The Lipid Formulators Membership is always growing, here's just some of what we are doing in there right now. 

148 oils at your fingertips

Included in your membership is a searchable database of148 different oils and butters. You can search and look up oils by fatty acid, INCI, iodine value, SAP value, common name and more. 

Monthly lessons in formulating

You'll get two new lessons each month. The first lesson is on a specific oil or fatty acid and ways to use it. The second lesson, mid month is on combining and formulating with the oils.

Live Lessons & Q&A 

Once a month, we have a live call to go over the lessons from the month, then it opens up for Q&A on the monthly topic or anything lipid oils related you are working on. 

The Recipe Vault

Curious about a formula for melts? The recipe vault is a library of our monthly formulating lessons where you can quickly find ideas for your next formulation or project. 

Access the Archives

Get access to the archives of past lessons, live calls and formulating topics. It's a library of lipid topics, research, ideas and inspiration. 

your space to learn & experiment

This is a place to try new ideas, troubleshoot when things go wrong, try new things and achieve the results you want. 

The Lipid Oil Database

The  Lipid Oil Database is live! It is a searchable resource for the lipid oils. Find INCI, iodine value, sap value, pie charts, fatty acid profiles, common name(s), scientific names, dominant fatty acids and more for 155 (and counting) different lipid oils, carriers and plant butters. 

Who is the membership for? 


If you're just getting started making balms, infusions and facial oils, you'll find ideas and inspiration for working with a wide range of different carrier oils, lipids and butters. And, in the archives there are many recipes you can use as is or as a template to create your own. 


You have been working with lipids and carriers for a while and want to start making skincare for clients or for your own product line. Inside the membership you will find inspiration and ideas for expanding your work with new oils and fatty acid combinations


Whether you've taken Lipids Decoded and want more in depth work with the lipids and oils, or you are currently formulating for your own skincare line, the membership is the place to be to stay ahead of the market. 




The membership is month to month and you can cancel anytime right inside your membership portal. 

Hey there,

I'm Susan M Parker and I am here to guide you in your work with the lipid oils and carriers that make up such a rich and important part of skincare and skincare formulation. 

Since my book Power of the Seed: Your Guide to Oils for Health & Beauty was published in 2014 the world of oils has been growing rapidly. As new oils become available to us, I find there is always more to research. The Lipid Formulators Membership is a place where I can share my new research, formulations I'm working on and more. And we have our monthly Q&A calls which are a lot of fun. 

Plus I get to work with my daughter Olivia every day, as she is a big part of making these programs possible.

The picture here is Olivia and me in Spain in October 2018 when we went over to teach in Madrid and then visit the wild olive relative, Acebuche in Jaen, Spain.