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Making Facial Oils for Summer Skincare

Create your own light, and absorbent facial oil with antioxidant rich plant oils in this free online workshop.

About the event

Learn how to formulate facial oils for summer skincare
  • Follow along as we build facial oil formulas with antioxidant rich oils to help protect and nourish the skin
  • Come away with a fully filled out formula that you can use as is or adapt to create your own blend. 
  • Discover the process of combining oils to create balanced, effective fatty acid ratios
  • Work with actives, antioxidants and other plant compounds in oils to fine tune your results 

Your hosts 

Who we are...

We're Susan and Olivia, mother-daughter team and co-founders of the Lipid Oils Academy.  

Susan, researcher and author of Power of the Seed, teaches students from around the world how to work with botanical oils and lipids. 

Our students are herbalists, aromatherapists, skincare professionals and individuals looking for effective, natural skincare solutions. 

Susan & Olivia