[free] Summer 2022 Facial oil workshop

Making Facial Oils for Summer Skincare

  • Follow along as we construct a facial oil with antioxidant rich oils to help protect and nourish the skin during the summer months.
  • Discover how to adapt the base recipe for specific skin types
  • Learn with Susan M Parker author of Power of the Seed

Whether you want to create your own skincare using nutritiously dense plant oils, or you are building a facial oil for your skincare line, join me in this summer workshop where you will learn my process for constructing an antioxidant rich facial oil to help protect and nourish the skin. 

In this workshop: 

  • Why create facial oils? facial oils are nourishing additions to your skincare line and personal skincare routine
  • Come away with a fully filled out recipe that you can use as is or adapt to create your own combination
  • Discover my process for adapting a recipe to target specific skincare concerns
  • Learn about antioxidants and other unsaponifiables in plant oils and other lipids 
  • How many oils is too many in a formulation? Discover the sweet spot just enough but not too much.

Making Facial Oils 

with Susan M Parker

Discover the many possibilities that await you inside

Hey there,

I'm Susan M Parker and I am here to guide you in your work with the lipid oils and carriers that make up such a rich and important part of skincare and skincare formulation. 

Since my book Power of the Seed: Your Guide to Oils for Health & Beauty was published in 2014 the world of oils has been growing rapidly. In 2017, together with my Olivia, my daughter and business partner, we opened registration for our first course devoted to the carriers and lipid oils. Since then we have grown our course offerings and opened the Lipid Oils Academy. 

Welcome, and I am so glad to have you in our world. 

The picture here is Olivia and me working together on a new facial oil formula :-)