Facial Oil Formulation

Create Custom Facial Oils & Oil Serums

Formulating Course with Susan M Parker

Registration Opening February 28th

Is this course for you?  

You are looking for a personal skincare solution

Cost is only one element of taking your skincare formulation into your own hands. When you discover what lipid oils and fatty acids your skin responds to, you can formulate pure, simple and effective skincare with just a few ingredients. 

You are building formulations for clients & customers

Custom formulation is something I love to do! Though I don't include it in my work anymore, I used to offer it as part of my skincare line. Clients & customers loved the special formulations I would come up with, and they will love what you come up with for them too! 

You are creating formulations for a skincare line

Facial oils and oil serums are becoming an essential part of a skincare line. This course will give you the skills and knowledge to build a range of  facial oil formulations for different skin types and skin problems. 

You are completely and totally obsessed with these oils 

Coffee seed oil! Arctic cranberry seed oil! Hibiscus seed oil! Kiwi seed oil! I can't get enough (see 148 oils in my workshop) and I am looking forward to sharing my formulation process with you! 

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