Your Signature Facial Oil 

5-Day Challenge! 

Starting soon! Join the 5-Day Facial Oil Challenge and discover your signature facial oil for your product line, your clients and customers and your personal skincare routine. 

Find your signature facial oil 5-day challenge

In just 5 days, discover and define your signature facial oil for 2023 and beyond

This challenge is about you! And where you are right now. Do you dream of creating your own skincare line someday? Anchoring the line around a selection of carefully chosen oils will set you apart in a crowded market and create inspiration for your formulating story. 

Are you looking to simplify your personal skincare routine and improve your skin health in 2023? One or two signature facial oils is one of the most important pillars of simple, effective skincare. 

Do clients and customers look to you for advice? Having a collection of go-to oils to recommend gives you the power to help people navigate the often confusing world of skincare products. 

What is your skincare story in 2023? Join the challenge and define your signature facial oil for the new year and the coming decades!

Who's hosting? 

Susan M Parker author of Power of the Seed and Olivia Parker. 

We're Susan and Olivia, mother daughter team working to bring you accurate, up-to-date information on the vast and growing world of carrier oils, lipid oils and plant butters. 

We are so excited to share this challenge with you! It will be fun, informative and you'll walk away with ideas, and hopefully a signature facial oil that speaks to you. 

PS: When we're not teaching and hosting challenges we travel to visit with oil producers around the world. Here is a picture of us in the olive growing region in Spain in 2018. 

Find your signature facial oil 5 Days Challenge!

Take the challenge and define your skincare story for 2023. Its going to be fun and you'll come away with your go-to skincare oils for your personal skincare routine and your clients and customers.