Discover the secret to making the best facial oils & oil serums

Spoiler alert: the secret is in your ingredients. We'll show you how to get the very best results with the right high-quality botanical oils so that you can create exceptional, innovative formulas for your skincare line, your clients and customers and your personal skincare. 


Bring your vision to life

From single oils to potent oil combinations, formulating facial oils and oil serums is as much science as it is art. 

And with so many new botanical and lipid oils becoming available, your pallet of oils to work with continues to grow. 

But with so many oils available, getting sucked down research rabbit holes is an easy way to derail any project.

In Facial Oil Formulation you'll discover how to combine different oils to enhance the effectiveness of each oil. 

Bring your vision to live and create effective, professional-quality facial oils for you, your clients and your customers. 

One of the best courses I have ever taken to date! Very informative and Susan does not hold back, she gives 200 percent in the course materials and in her presentations.

I would recommend this course to anyone making skincare products.

Munira Khambata

Nourish, Protect, Balance, Heal

Singles is a term we adapted from the herbal world where single herbs, called simples, are balanced enough to heal and nourish all on their own.

You’ll learn about 'singles', single oils that are so balanced in fatty acids and rich in unsaponifiable fractions that they nourish, protect, balance, and heal all on their own.

From there you will move on to base oils focusing on how to settle on a good base oil for the specific skin condition you are addressing.

There will be some overlap in the base oils and the singles, but not as much as you might think.

The singles are more balanced than the base oils.

Bring your vision to life

High-value botanical oils bring concentrations of pigments,  antioxidants and other plant compounds to your skincare and formulating.

Learn how to harness the skin-nourishing power of these specialty oils to give your formulas focused action. 

Lessons in the unsaponifiable compounds or healing fraction of botanical oils give you important data in treating specific skin conditions. You'll learn about  phytosterols' anti-inflammatory properties, the antioxidant properties of the vitamin E tocopherols, and the vitamin A precursor, carotenes and much more.

As we age, our skin's production of lipids diminishes and supporting the tissues with squalene and the omega 7 palmitoleic acid, helps supplement natural production. Discover the plant oils that share these same compounds that our skin makes  when formulating for the later years.

Facial Oil Formulation is both an application of fatty acids for skincare and focused application of the unsaponifiable compounds to help maintain the health of the skin at any age.

Learn how to make facial oils that:

  • Support collagen production in the skin
  • Balance and stabilize overactive sebaceous glands and oily skin
  • Minimize, calm and reduce acne and blemishes
  • Sooth and calm rosacea and inflammation in the skin
  •  Help treatment of dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis
  • Provide antioxidant protection to the skin
  • Repair disrupted and damaged skin barrier function
  • Help minimize hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone 

Your Course of Study

Module 1 

 Science of oils and skin & the role of fatty acids in skin health

  • Lesson 1: Oils & Skin Science ~ Discover how botanical lipid oils interact with the skin, how the skin responds and why true oils are essential to good skincare. 
  • Lesson 2: The Skin Structure ~ A lesson on the skin structure and function, how to support, nourish and care for the skin to achieve optimum skin health 
  • Lesson 3: A Lesson on Fatty Acids ~ How fatty acids determine the characteristics of oils including skin feel, skin care benefits and what skin conditions. 

Module 2

 working with Singles, Base Oils & High-Value Oils 

  • Lesson 4: Singles ~ Discover a group of well-balanced, nutrient-dense oils make exceptional facial oils all on their own. 
  • Lesson 5: Base Oils ~ Every successful formula starts with a strong base. In this lesson, learn which oils create the foundation for your facial oil and oil serum formulas. 
  • Lesson 6: The Specialty Oils ~ High-value botanical oils add antioxidants, skin-specific fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and other plant compounds. In this lesson you'll learn which oils to use and at what percentage and concentration. 

Module 3

Lessons in formulating for  different skin conditions

  • Lesson 7: Oils for Specific Skin Conditions ~ How to choose the right oils for conditions including inflammation, hyperpigmentation, minimize signs of aging and treating blemishes.
  • Lesson 8: Result Specific Formulas ~ Examples of formulas for specific skin conditions, and your guide to developing your own unique and effective formulas. 
  • Lesson 9: The Chemistry Behind High-Value Oils ~ Pie charts, fatty acid profiles, and detailed descriptions so that you not only learn which oils to use for specific skin conditions but also why these oils are so effective.

Module 4

Lessons in working with butters & making solid serums

  • Lesson 10: Working with Plant Butters ~ Saturated plant butters used well add richness, protection and specific skin benefits. The key, getting the proration right so that your formula feels light on the skin and stays liquid at room temperature.
  • Lesson 11: Working with 3 Key Formulas~ In this lesson, you will build three formulas with detailed explanations for the specific oils used, the method for combining and reason for each oil.
  • Lesson 12: Solid Serums For Skincare ~ Combining butters from lesson 10, you will learn the process for formulating light, silky and potent solid serums for concentrated skincare.

Facial Oil Formulation Online Course

The Art & Science of Skincare Formulation with 100% Natural Botanical Oils 

Help your clients & customers heal their relationship with their skin

In the Facial Oil Formulation Online Course you'll learn how to select, combine and formulate with oils for different skin conditions and skin concerns. Sometimes a single oil is the best choice, and sometimes you need a combination to get the results you want. But the goal and outcome is the same, to help your clients and customers get the very best skincare with simple, natural plant oils. 

Get glowing skin for you, your clients and your customers. 

Learn YOUR way...

We all have ways that we learn best! Whether you are someone that needs to print out the lessons, grab the highlighters and brew up a pot of coffee, or you prefer to listen, take notes and reflect, we have set up the course so that you can choose how you learn. 

You'll find voice-over video lessons where Susan takes you step-by-step through each slide. 

Slide lessons that you can click through at your own pace

And PDF version of the slides that you can print and work through. 

Plus the bonus booklets, worksheets and other resources to support your studies. 

And during the upcoming live round, we will have live calls where you can ask questions and get ideas. 

I am a French pharmacist and have studied in several universities in France. Susan's knowledge about the lipid world is incredible I have learned a lot with pleasure and I use the knowledge every day at work. 

Christophe Vroylandt

Exclusive Bonus Reference Guides

Bonus:  Guide to Vitamin E in Lipid Oils

Lists of oils naturally high in vitamin E for quick reference. Need to add a natural preservative to your facial oil formulation or a potent does of vitamin E? Print out this e-book or keep a copy on your desktop. Includes both versions of vitamin E, tocopherols and tocotrienols and why this difference is important. 

Bonus:  Guide to Squalene in Lipid Oils

Squalene is a hot word right now in the skincare world and with good reason, it helps minimize visible signs of aging while nourishing and rebuilding the skin. In this guide you'll find lists of botanical oils naturally high in squalene. Spoiler alert, the oils high in squalene all come from one specific group of oils. Learn why in this bonus study e-book.

Bonus :  Guide to Carotenoids in Lipid Oils

Companion guide to Carotenoids in botanical oils. Quickly reference oils high in carotenoids to add potent antioxidants to your facial oil formulations and solid facial oil serums. 

Bonus:  Guide to Phytosterols in Lipid Oils

New research is coming out on this important plant compound, but we do know that phytosterols play a role in calming inflammation . This study guide gives you the most up-to-date research on phytosterols in botanical oils, plus you'll get automatically upgraded when we release new study guides and booklets (at no extra cost to you).

What you get when you enroll

Core Course Materials & Lessons

12 core curriculum lessons on facial oil formulation

Study of the Healing Fraction

Learn about the healing fraction, antioxidants and other plant compounds in lipid botanical oils

4 Exclusive Bonus Guides 

Get 4 exclusive bonus guides on Vitamin E, Polyphenols, Carotenoids & Squalene

Live calls  

We will have three live calls during the course for questions and to go over key lessons. 

Study of Fatty Acids

Lessons on the role of different fatty acids and how to combine for specific skincare formulations

Video, PDF and Slide Lessons

Multiple formats for the core course materials to facilitate different learning styles

Guide to the Science of the Skin & Oil 

Bonus guide to the science of the skin and how oils impact the skin. 

Permanent access to the course materials

You'll get ongoing access to the course materials for Facial Oil Formulation so you can study at your own pace. 

I took the Facial oil course with Susan Parker last year when it launched as I was in the process of developing a product for my aromatherapy line. I already read her book "Power of the seed" and referenced it regularly for my work.

Even though I had a good grasp of lipid oils and their many benefits, I can honestly say Susan's course has taken that knowledge to another level. She manages to condense a lot of information in a simple and easy to follow format that gives you enough knowledge to work with and yet leaves you wanting to research more. A perfect combination of keypoints and visuals that make the information easy to digest and remember for later.

I would highly recommend Susan's course for anyone interested in more in depth knowledge about lipid oils in general and facial formulation in particular.

Yasmine ElGhamrawy

One Payment

One Payment 



  • Permanent access to the course
  • Unlimited time to complete the course
  • Certificate upon completion 
  • Bonus 1:  Guide to Carotenoids in Botanical Oils 
  •  Bonus 2: Guide to Vitamin E in Botanical Oils 
  • Bonus 3: Guide to Squalene in Botanical Oils 
  • Bonus 4: Guide to Phytosterols in Plant Oils

Payment Plan

Pay just $179 today and then 2 more monthly payments




  • Permanent access to the course
  • Unlimited time to complete the course
  • Certificate upon completion 
  • Bonus 1:  Guide to Carotenoids in Botanical Oils 
  •  Bonus 2: Guide to Vitamin E in Botanical Oils 
  • Bonus 3: Guide to Squalene in Botanical Oils 
  • Bonus 4: Guide to Phytosterols in Plant Oils


Does the course include recipes?

There are recipes of formulations to kick-start your own creative process. And there are suggestions for oil combinations for different skin conditions that can help you begin to make your own choices.

Does the course teach about fatty acids?

Yes there is a lesson that works through all the types of fatty acids commonly found in the plant oils and how they apply to different skin conditions.

How long do I have access?

Once you purchase Facial Oil Formulation you have ongoing access to the course so you can study at your own pace and come back to the materials as you need to. 

Can I get Continuing Education Credits

We do not offer CE credits. Our students join us from around the world and regulations and requirements vary significantly.

How much time do I need to devote to the course?

We all learn in different ways, you have continued access to the material so that if something did not land, make sense the first time, subsequent review will help the learning process.

Can I print the lessons?

Yes! There are PDF's along with the video lessons and slides.

How long do I have access?

Once you purchase Facial Oil Formulation you have ongoing access to the course so you can study at your own pace and come back to the materials as you need to. 

We're susan & Olivia 

Co-founders of the Lipid Oils Academy and mother-daughter team committed to bringing you accurate and innovative tools, research and information on botanical oils, lipids, plant butters and anhydrous skincare formulating.

Sustainability, knowledge, community & healing. 

With warmth, Susan & Olivia