Carrier Oils for Herbal Infusions, Essential Oil Blends & Aromatherapy 

[Free] Guide to Carrier Oils for herbalists, aromatherapists, makers, formulators and anyone interested in essential oils. 


12 versatile carrier oils

When you are looking for a neutral base oil you want a carrier oil that is without scent, minimal to no pigment and has a long shelf life. Here are 12 good carriers to start with. 

5 oils for roller ball applicators

Rollerball applicators are a good way to deliver spot-treatment of aromatherapy and essential oil blends, but you need an oil that won't gum up your applicator. These 5 will do the trick. 

8 carriers for infusing

For your next herbal infusion, try one of these 8 oils. What they have in common? Long shelf life, neutral base and the right fatty acid makeup to make your infusion a success. 

3 base oil blend ideas

Included in the download are 3 base oil blends to get started with. Each focuses on a neutral base oil to create a foundation for your next blend, recipe or formulation.