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Video 01

Video 1: A Therapeutic Carrier Oil Base Blend

In video 1, discover a simple base formula that will work for virtually any skin type!

This combination has a balance of fatty acids, is absorbent, penetrative and non-oily feeling and shelf-stable.

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 Video 02 

Video 2: Working with Astringent, Toning Carrier Oils

Adding specific oils to your base blend, discover how to adjust the skin feel by adding astringent "dry" oils.

This base combination is toning, firming and stimulates surface circulation on the skin. 

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 Video 03 

Video 3: Making Antioxidant Carrier Oil Blends

Working with anti-oxidant rich carrier oils, discover how you can adapt the base blend to make for combination rich in antioxidants and other vitamins and plant compounds. 

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